Color DesignTraining Program
Color Design Course
- On Bainbridge Island
Colortime Training Course
- Online
Do you want to spread your creative wings, discover new markets and expand your horizons? Is your business going to grow in coming years? Are you going to gain in recognition? Are you interested in developing more color expertise for your own consulting business or advancement within your company? If you have background in color and a passion for color, you could have potential in the color consulting field.

Lucrative and creative color opportunities do exist in many industries. You could be the one to guide companies through the myriad of color choices. They often need professional advice on how to use color effectively. But you need more than a love of color to get you there.You need to know the way. You need credible, verifiable information based primarily on the emotional aspect of color taught by the leading expert in this field.

In Lee’s 25 years of color consulting to many leading industries she has constantly broadened her areas of expertise. She is now offering a seminar that will enable you to do exactly the same thing. What has taken years of painstaking research, energy, time and effort is now condensed into a four day "how to" program that will enable you to enhance your career development as well as your income potential for you or your employer.

If you are employed in a company where increased color knowledge would be to its benefit, this is a program to consider. Some companies have found this program to be so valuable that they have covered the tuition cost.

If you own your own company, how diversified is it? If your services include color it would be a logical expansion to consult for many other applications in industry and it would help you broaden your client base as well as increase your earning potential.


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