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From the World's Leading Color Expert 100+ Frequently Asked Color Questions for Home, and Happiness

Published by Capital Books, Inc., Sterling, Virginia
ISBN# 1-931868-25-5

"Lee is a true color aficionado, with a comprehensive knowledge of color that spans many fields. Her inspirational and accessible lectures have won her legions of devotees the world over. Her new book will motivate you to bring more color into your life!"

__Lisa Herbert, Executive Vice President, Pantone, Inc.


"Leatrice Eiseman knows more about the history of color, the psychology of color and the application of color than anyone I have ever interviewed. She can make color interesting to a convent of nuns who only wear black. Perhaps more importantly, she constantly updates the dynamics of color and how it responds to the pop culture, the economy and world events."

__Marylou Luther, Editor, International Fashion Syndicate


"This book goes far beyond just another decorating book! It has also given me some important insights that have stimulated my creative juices and taught me how to bring a sense of balance into my living and working environment. I loved it. It's fun reading."

__Rel Rogers, Executive Director, ATEN (Alternative Treatments Education Network)


"With the world turning a dozen shades of green and fuchsia before our eyes, the next natural step is a book answering almost every question you've ever had about the meaning of hues. Make way for the 'Color Answer Book'...."

__Jackie White, Kansas City Star


"Thank you for your stunning book. It's so beautiful and informative. It truly was the best present I got for Christmas. You never cease to amaze me with the depth, clarity and knowledge you have about color. Shucks, and I only thought in Crayola Basic 8, until I discovered your books. Many, many thanks!"

__Marie Sultana Robinson



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