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Color Training Programs
A constant challenge for people who are interested in learning more about color, whether it be for personal or professional use (or just the sheer enjoyment of it all), is where to go to find meaningful, thoughtful and most of all, credible information.
I know of my own frustrations when I was seeking color training and information. There was such a lack in this field, for professionals, those seeking a profession in color, as well as for those who simply wanted to enhance what they already knew (or felt) about color. That is why I decided to fill in that obvious gap.



I am hoping for those of you seeking to further your color education, no matter where you live in the world, you will join us in your color quests. If you are a color lover (and you would have to be!) I am sure you will find our training programs to be a giant confidence booster, either in validating some of what your instincts tell you are true, or by giving you additional insights that you had not realized before.

Leatrice Eiseman