Leatrice Eiseman Color Expert Full Service Color Consulting & Forecasting
Color Consulting

What Does It Involve?

Color needs may vary, depending on the scope and specifics of each job but many, if not all, of the following elements enter into the final color choices:

  • An evaluation of your market and/or environment
  • Your image and goals
  • Your target audience, age group and geographic location
  • If applicable, impact at point of purchase
  • What is your competition doing?
  • Color trends-how important are they?
  • The power of suggestion – the desired psychological impact of the product or environment on your consumer/client.

How Is It Done?

Obviously color choice is not based on esthetics alone but on pragmatic, proven, tested information that comes from a wealth of experience and background, including color and marketing studies.



We can do all of the color selection for you and/or work with your staff. If preliminary color choices have been made or discussed, we can provide another viewpoint, a non-biased perspective and, if necessary, arbitrate a difference of opinion among the decision makers. We can participate in the inception of color choices or can join in at any time during the color decision process.
At the completion of preliminary color selections, a written rationale and color recommendations are presented for your review along with the recommended color samples.

What Will It Cost?

Every job is different, each requiring a specific amount of time, materials, energy, expertise, input and, in some cases, travel. For more information about how we may best serve you, please call 206-842-4456 or email us at leiseman@colorexpert.com