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Color Consulting

Why Do You Need a Color Expert?

There are many aspects of business that are best handled by people with specific expertise. When legal advice is needed, an attorney is consulted. Qualified accountants best handle taxes. For marketing direction, meaningful research is important. And when statistics show that color is one of the major reasons for product purchase (more than 60%), the guidance of an appropriately educated professional color expert is invaluable.

Leatrice Eiseman and her associates can help you make the correct choices in colors that sell. As stated in her book, The Pantone® Guide to Communicating with Color, “The power that color wields is seen at every level of communication: in corporate identification, packaging, signage, advertising on television, billboards, in print media, on the computer, at point of purchase and in the product itself. Color is often called the ‘silent salesperson’ and in many cases must immediately create a brand identity and most importantly, help to make the sale. At the very least (as on a web page or in a print ad) it must create enough interest or curiosity to induce the would-be buyer to find out more about the product or service.”
Color within the business, retail or personal environment is also a critical factor in creating mood, image and a productive atmosphere that elicits a positive, favorable response.
Lee is the first person that many of the media, trade shows, design centers, manufacturers and designers turn to when they want to know more about color and consumer/client reactions to those colors. In addition, millions of people have read her books and interviews in many publications, both trade and consumer. Her book, Colors For Your Every Mood was chosen as a book of the month club selection and received an award form the Independent Book Publishers Association.
She has helped hundreds of businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500′s, with their color decisions. Let her help you make the winning and profitable choices.