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More Alive With Color will show you (both men and women) how to achieve personal stye through the colors that will energize you and make shopping easy. It will introduce you to Leatrice Eiseman's original, easy to follow "Color Clock" system-- the quick way to find and use your signature colors that reflect your personality and transform the way you look. The book will show you how to develop more confidence in combining colors and in creating a wardrobe that spans work, travel, play and "everyday".

Color is a catalist for feelings--about how we look, decorate our home or office, plant in our garden and relate to each other. The right colors stimulate or relax our senses, release happy memories, reflect how we feel about ourselves and our personal space. The Color Answer Book provides expert answers for all of us who want more color in our lives.

Whether for your own personal use or your professional expertise, Colors For Your Every Mood explains the importance of color in your environment and how those colors create the different moods you or your client are looking for. Unique color combinations referenced from the Pantone® Textile System offer practical information and fascinating psychological insights for everyone who makes color decisions.

Use the Pantone Guide to Communicating With Color to make your color choices credible, predictable and effective. This book is filled with hundreds of color combinations and illustrations referenced from the Pantone Matching System®. Discover the subliminal, emotional meaning of each color family, along with hundreds of the most effective color combinations for getting that message across ranging from serene to playful or powerful. Apply these essential guidelines and illustrations to all your projects -- branding, packaging, point of purchase, advertising, signage, logos, websites, retail display and more!

Color Messages & Meanings: A Pantone Color Resource is a follow-up to the "Pantone Guide to Communicating With Color".


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